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Fru Fru is Garderobe and Cadenz's pet dog who is transformed into a piano bench in Beauty and the Beast.

Role in Film

The footstool, although in the form of a piano bench, appears in the live-action remake. Here, he is named Froufrou and is apparently owned by Madame de Garderobe and her husband Cadenza.


  • His breed is unknown, although he resembles a mutt.
    • His overall appearance was a direct contradiction to the prologue, as the Prince in one of the stained glass windows was depicted as owning at least two pedigree-type dogs, one white, and one brown.
  • His ears are smaller in the first midquel.
  • Sultan wasn't the first 'footstool dog' created by Disney. A similar character appeared in the 1936 Mickey Mouse short Thru the Mirror, which explored a similar concept of animated furniture that Beauty and the Beast had.