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Chip Potts is the son of Mrs. Potts and Monsieur Jean. Chip is a supporting character who is featured in Beauty and the Beast



Chip is adventurous and constantly curious about the world around him. Chip is a cheerful and active young boy and (like his mother and friends) is shown to have a great fear of the Beast's temper. He is also shown to be very brave and heroic shown in the first film, where he saved Belle and her father Maurice in order for them to rescue Beast from Gaston and the angry mob. He loves Belle very much and views her as his big sister and best friend. As is typical of curious boys his age, he apparently has an overactive imagination; when he comes rushing in to inform his mother that there is a girl (Belle) in the castle, she scolds him for making up such tall tales.

Role in the Film

Due to Mack being English, Chip has a British accent like his mother in this adaptation. His role at the palace is fairly similar to the original film, barring him moving around by rolling on his saucer rather than hopping around, but he does not follow Belle back to the village when she leaves to save Maurice.


  • In his teacup form, he has a chip on his head. As a human, this manifests as a chipped tooth.
  • According to part 2 of "Lyrical Love", Chip is Mrs. Potts' twelfth child.
  • Although Chip and his siblings are implied to be of British descent (due to their mother's accent and "Potts" being a British name), he speaks with an American accent in the animated film.
  • Both of Chip's voice actors from the animated films have had a role in Kingdom Hearts II: Bradley Michael Pierce (his original voice actor) provided additional voices, while Haley Joel Osment (who voiced him in the sequel) is the voice of Sora.
  • Because Chip was alive when the Enchantress cursed the Beast's Castle, it is likely that he did not age during that time period.
    • This is further supported by the 1997 direct-to-video sequel Beauty and the Beast: The Enchanted Christmas, where it is revealed that the objects do not age.