ChapeauĀ is a minor character inĀ Beauty and the Beast.


The Coat Rack, under the nameĀ Chapeau, appears in the live-action remake with a slightly larger role, played by Thomas Padden. As a human, he was the Prince's aide in his court (though the junior novelization identifies him as a valet). When Maurice enters the castle, Chapeau is the first of the staff to be alerted by his presence after Maurice hangs his coat on him. He is seen with the rest of the servants throughout the film, including when they try to stop Belle from leaving after the latter was frightened by the Beast. When the last petal falls, Chapeau succumbs to the curse and becomes an inanimate coat rack with the enchanted objects, but not before catchingĀ ChipĀ from falling as Chip becomes an inanimate teacup. However, Chapeau is transformed back into a human but findsĀ FroufrouĀ relieving himself on his shoe shortly after theĀ EnchantressĀ lifts the curse.


  • The Coat Rack's gender isn't revealed in the 1991 film but is revealed to be a male in the 2017 film. Therefore, the Coat Rack was likely also male in the animated film.
  • His name is Chapeau in the live-action remake. "Chapeau" is the French word for hat, which possibly represents the green top hat he wears in the animated film.
  • In the 1991 film, the Coat Rack only boxed with his front arms, but in the 2017 film, he spins his six arms to smack his opponent (or in this version's caseĀ LeFouĀ due to Gaston putting him in front).
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