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Beauty and the Beast (From "Beauty and the Beast" Official Video)-0

Beauty and the Beast is an adaptation of the song from the original Disney animation, sung by Ariana Grande and John Legend.

The first snippet was heard in the final trailer and the music video was released March 5, 2017.

Role in Music Video

In a dark footage, we slowly swoosh towards the Beast's castle as ARIANA GRANDE, JOHN LEGEND and MUSIC VIDEO DIRECTED BY DAVE MEYERS appear. Ariana Grande stands at the tower's balcony, singing as she holds the magic mirror in her hands and yellow sparkly glowing spots fly out. Ariana steps into the ballroom, soon surrounded by numerous dancers dressed in big red rose costumes. The dancers huddle together with Ariana, forming a beautiful symbol of the enchanted rose.

Nearby, John Legend plays the piano, singing as well. The dancers look up, as well as Ariana. The dancers surround Ariana, dancing.

Entering the ballroom, comes Belle and Beast. On the piano, Mrs. Potts smiles warmly as Chip snuggles her. The dancers continue dancing. Belle looks at a nervous Beast; Beast looks at Belle. Belle holds her hands out, as Beast gently takes it. They begin waltzing. Lumiere, Cogsworth and a magical object watch nervously. Belle and Beast continue waltzing; the dancers dance.

While all the dancers dance and Ariana and John sing the magical song, Belle's ballroom dress floats as she turns to Beast, as the camera pans up to glistening chandeliers. Belle twirls as Beast and her continue waltzing, romantically. Ariana stands by John's piano, singing.

Belle backs up, as she leans downward, with Beast gently holding his paw around the back of Belle's head, catching her, as the lights romantically glow. Chip moves closer to enjoy the romantic view. Little sparky fireworks surround the entire ballroom. Belle twirls once more. Beast and Belle continue waltzing.

Near the end of the song, Beast has his arm wrapped around Belle's waist, as she is lifted up whilst the camera catches Belle being turned and gently put on the floor. They slowly twirl and end their waltz as they walk out the ballroom double glass doors magically open widely.

After the rose is formed again, the dancers rush backwards. A dancer swiftly twirls in the center of the ballroom, magically turning into rose petals. Ariana walks to the balcony -- where the song ends.